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17 Types of Roommates You Will See in School

Below are the 17 Kind of Roommates You Will Find in School;

The Movie Addict

These category include those that can watch movies from morning to night (24/7). They can even ignore lectures to finish a movie

The Borrowers

In these category you’ll fill those that will just be borrowing everything from you; cloth, shoes, watch, bag, name them

The Chef

These category of roommate can cook for Africa. Person who get roommates like this is very lucky

Serious Ones

These ones came to school to read and pass their exam only. You will always find them reading, they don’t like disturbance at all


These ones can be somehow annoying sometimes. They can have very nice voice so they will just be singing up and down

Wife Material

These ones will wash all the plates, cook, sweep, mop, arrange room very well.

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Na dem persin go dey visit am everytime. They will just be giving you a signal to leave the room for them.

Music Addict

These ones are always listening to one song or the other. If no earpiece, they will put it on the loudspeaker and disturb everybody

Party Goers

They must attend every school party. They will come back the next day with a gist.


These ones cannot use their eyes and see food. They are always eating everything that comes their way

Against Evil

These will never support fornication or anything bad/negative in their room.

Dubs Lord

Any time these ones hear they have a test or exam, they will spend the night tearing paper and writing dubs.

Lazy Ones

These will always scatter the room, leave their cloth everywhere, never sweep or wash plates. If u get dis kind roommate, sorry for you

Food Beggars

These ones will just be going to other people rooms to see who is cooking so they can beg them


These ones will invite their Church members to hold fellowship in your room.


These are the type of roommates that are extremely disorganized and scattered. They enjoy it when everywhere is sparkling clean, but they also enjoy messing everywhere up.

The female ones are worse than the male ones because they can comfortably live inside the disorganized room without any complain, but the male ones would want to put things in order, but can’t because they do, they no longer belong to this category.

The Thieves

These are the types of roommates that are known for their kleptomaniac tendencies and practices. They always look innocent and friendly, but they are good in all stealing formats. They are also experts in conducting examination malpractices even though they scale through every time because of their stealing skills.

In Conclusion, TheTrust Media leaves you with these: stick to the ones that will add value into your life.


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