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Top 15 Facts About UNN Cut Off Marks

Here are some facts you probably don’t know about UNN cut-off marks:

  1. The UNN cut-off mark is based on your JAMB score and UNN post-UTME score. When you add both scores and divide the result by 2, you will get what UNN calls an aggregate score. SEE: How to Calculate the UNN Aggregate Score
  2. It is the aggregate score that UNN uses to grant admission.
  3. It’s also the aggregate score that you will see as the departmental cut-off mark.
  4. The lowest aggregate score UNN accepts is 180. This means even if your UNN minimum jamb and post-UTME score are 160, you must still have at least an average of 180 for you to be admitted.
  5. UNN cut-off marks change each year. Sometimes the changes aren’t much, but if there is a mass failure, the departmental cut-off marks for that year will be very low.
  6. In UNN, you can gain admission through merit, catchment, educationally less developed states (ELDS), supplements, and shopping (Change of Course Form).
  7. The UNN First Admission List contains only candidates admitted through merit, catchment, and ELDS. Other candidates get admitted to the second list.
  8. ELDS, as the name implies, are educationally less developed states in Nigeria. States like Gombe, Kano, Kaduna, etc. The Federal Government of Nigeria mandated schools in the country to give preferential treatment to students from ELDS. Hence, their cut-off marks are lower than others.
  9. Catchment states are states that are geographically within UNN. States like Enugu, Imo, Akwa Ibom, Anambra, Abia, Ebonyi, etc. You can see the full list of catchment and ELDS states at UNN here.
  10. The departmental cut-off marks for ELDS and catchment states are usually lower than the merit cut-off marks.
  11. If you have the wrong JAMB subject combination, even if you meet your departmental cut-off mark, you won’t be admitted to UNN.
  12. When you prepare for the UNN Post-UTME with the UNN Post-Utme App, you will score very high in the post-UTME and meet your department’s cut-off mark.
  13. If you reach your department’s cut-off mark and have an accurate subject combination, you will definitely be admitted to UNN.
  14. UNN freshmen’s school fees are between N108,000 and N120,000, depending on the course of study.
  15. The UNN acceptance fee for freshmen is N30,000.

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