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“Those Women At Hilltop Are Really Mothers.” UNN Class Rep Confessed 

The second year class representative of 0’25 Medical Laboratory Sciences, Anwana Benjamin Etim, has expressed his perturbation on market sellers at UNEC after moving from Nsukka Campus to the Enugu Campus.

After three months of his arrival in Enugu, he disclosed how the market women at Nsukka campus, mostly those at Hilltop, used to attend and treat him whenever he comes to buy food stuffs from their shops.

At exactly 9:19 am today, the class rep went to his WhatsApp status and made a post.

According to him, whenever he buys something from those women, especially eguisi and vegetables, they will grind, pluck, and even slice it for him without collecting a dime, unlike those at the Enugu campus.

“Omo , I really missed NSK .

Those women at Hilltop are really mothers … You buy eguisi , they’ll grind for you free … You buy vegetable , they’ll pluck and even slice for you .

And you’ll be like , be fast na …

Here , you buy eguisi , you’ll hear , grind it there You buy vegetable they don’t even pluck it …”

After some minutes, netizens reacted to his post.

Here are some of the reactions:

Sugarlips: Mk una find wife for @⁨Benny ⁩ abeg😂🤲🤲

Joy: 😂😂😂 Thought I was the only one that laughed at this I even screenshot am sef

Peter: I wan cry for baba

He is passing through a lot😂😂

Munachi: This is actually reducing women to mere tools though Still funny sha

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