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UNN Shopping Form: All You Need To Know About UNN Shopping Form Before Applying[Detailed and Updated]

TheTrust Media has noticed over the years some certain dangerous mistakes that many UNN aspirants usually make because of their clueless and lack of adequate pieces of legit information about the shopping form.

In this article, the media has elucidated the imperative concepts of the UNN shopping form for prospective students who were not admitted to the merit list.

Therefore, the aspirants need to have these concepts in mind before proceeding to enroll in any course.

The following ideas are detailed in the subsequent paragraphs below. Read till the end!. Don’t rush to shop!.

What is Advert Course or Shopping Form

Advertising courses, often referred to as shopping form which is usually released after the merit list is out. In this form, it comprises the departments that still have some vacancies after the merited students are admitted to the first admission list.

Click to view the available courses in the shopping list.

Moreover, a merit list is given based on those that reach the department cutoff marks, which vary from one state to another and are also different from the school general cut-off mark.

What to Note Before Applying for UNN Shopping Form

UNN aspirants must consider the following concepts before applying for the UNN Shopping Form:

Aggregate score

This is also known as the average score. This score is the average of your JAMB score and screening score.

Interestingly, this score is very vital in determining whether you are going to be admitted into your dream department or not.

In regards to shopping, it is important to thoroughly cross-check the departmental cutoff mark of the department you’re planning to shop in before making a final decision.

If your aggregate score is not up to that departmental cutoff mark, it is advisable to choose the department that matches your aggregate score in order to secure admission into the shopping list.

For instance,if your average score is 246 and the departmental cutoff mark is 250, due to a difference of four marks, you shop into that department, thinking your name will appear on the second admissions list. Your name may not appear except by the grace of God, which is very rare!.

The reason being that many candidates whose aggregate scores are equal and above that department cutoff must have applied for the course.

It is always advisable to shop in a department which your aggregate score is equal to or above than the departmental cutoff mark. It will boost your chances of gaining admission to the second list.

Low average score

In this case, it is always important to have dual options so that you wouldn’t lose both sides and stay at home for next year or two years before you could attain this level again.

Simply, if your average score is too low but it crosses the general cut-off of the UNN, it’s important to consider applying for another JAMB this year if in case you didn’t make it in the subsequent lists after shopping.

Wrong JAMB combination subjects

Over the years, aspirants have always fallen victim to this because they do not have the proper pieces of information that will guide them to shop into the right department that corresponds to the subjects they wrote in the JAMB.

For instance, if you applied for nursing in your JAMB but unfortunately couldn’t meet the department cutoff mark, but you’re considering shopping into another department that tally with your average score.

You find out that your aggregate score is above or equivalent to electronic engineering and is on the shopping list without knowing that you didn’t write math in JAMB. Once you apply for the course, you won’t gain admission at all, irrespective of who you are.

This is a very deadly mistake that will make you to stay at home for another one year.

Always cross very well before you apply!.

Know the course you’re applying for

Some students who didn’t make it into merit list admission are always the victims of this, especially those who didn’t seek a thorough background check on the department they were shopping into.

However, being too desperate could also contribute to shopping in a department you may despise in the long run. This always makes many students not be academically active again towards their studies in subsequent years at the school.

Hence, in some cases, the student may apply for a change of course or apply for another JAMB or drop out of school entirely.

Is it important to shop

For those who didn’t make it into merit, especially those with a high aggregate score that is not up to the departmental cutoff of their dream department or who have a long or short leg, it is advisable to shop into a different department that is not your initial course. This will help you have more chances of gaining admission.

Moreover, there’s still a narrow probability of gaining admission into a different department you didn’t shop into, which might relate to your initial course. This is always the case of those whose aggregate score is high.

[Shopping Form Link]

How to Apply for the UNN Shopping form

Below are the steps involved applying for the UNN Shopping Form:

  1. Open up your preffered browser (e.g. Chrome)
  2. Visit the UNN Shopping Form Application Portal via:
  3. Enter your JAMB Reg Number in the space provided
  4. Proceed to generate an invoice of N10,000 and make payment with either your ATM card or in BANK.
  5. Revisit the link above and enter your JAMB Reg Number in the space provided.
  6. Complete the registrations by filling in your details appropriately.
  7. Then, click on submit.

Registration Deadline

The University of Nigeria (UNN) shopping and supplementary admission form portal opens from Midnight, Friday 12th January to 2nd February 2024. Also, the Application for Staff Children Request closes at midnight, Friday, 12 January 2024.

Additional instructions to candidates applying for advertised courses

  • To complete the Advert/Shopping form online, you have to visit the University of Nigeria, website or portal and log in your JAMB and invoice numbers.
  • Candidates must possess the University minimum/Departmental Entry Requirement for the courses applied for and must have taken the correct UTME subjects in the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination and PUTME.


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