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So sad! Lady narrates a heartbreaking story about the mysterious death of her boyfriend a day before her birthday.

A Nigerian young lady, Vera, shared a true tragedy story about how her boyfriend passed away a day before her birthday after attending a night party with his friends.

In her words:

A day to my birthday and my boyfriend passed away misteriously 

A true story.

30th December 2018 , I woke up and tried calling my bf as usual but he didn’t pick up 💔. That’s unlike him so I turned my data on and went online so that I can leave a text message for him . 

He wasn’t active online so I assumed he was busy.

I decided to watch people’s statues just to elapse time and wait for my baby . 

The first status I watched was quite emotional but I kept watching then boom ! …. 

My boyfriend’s best friend posted his picture with the caption ” RIPP BRUH ” . That’s an expensive joke to play so I replied to his friend and told him that he’s the one that will die and not my guy . 

He didn’t retaliate but rather said ” Ishmael is Dead ” 

I took out my phone and kept calling my babe’s number but no answer . 

I spoke to him throughout the night when he came back from a party he attended with his friends which he didn’t want me to go with him cos I had exams the next day . 💔I was really mad at him for not going with me but he calmed me down when he came back and told me that he only wanted me to focus on my studies and pass that entrance exams . I forgave my baby that night and we spoke on the phone till 2:39am.

I smiled and said ” Okay ” . 

He said he called me many times to tell me but my line wasn’t reachable . 

I sighed and blocked him asap . I called my bf’s mother and nobody answered . I started shivering and tears rolled down my cheeks . I rushed out and picked a motor bike to his crib💔 .

I saw lots of people at the entrance and elderly women crying . I asked his cousin and he told me that my Baby died at dawn . 

During our conversation over the phone , he complained of his stomach paining him so I prayed for him and told him that I will accompany him to the hospital after my exams . 

ISHMAEL SAID ” He doesn’t want to die next to me ” and I rebuked his words then chuckled . He laughed uncontrollably and told me that it’s just a joke so he just doesn’t want to go to the hospital . 

I asked him what he took at the party and he said just beverages and I know my baby doesn’t eat out so I believed him . 

Ishmael’s families found out what killed their Son and I still seek for justice till now . 

Tomorrow will be exactly 5yrs my baby left me 

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