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Election Break: Four UNN students are allegedly involved in a fatal motor accident at Ore, Ondo State. (WATCH VIDEO)

Four students of the University of Nigeria, Nsukka,  Enugu campuse, were involved in a ghastly accident on their way home for the upcoming general election.

According to reports, these students had boarded a GUO bus from Enugu State to Lagos, on their way at Ore, their bus was involved in a fatal accident, followed by the instantaneous deaths of the driver and one other unknown passenger who sat behind the driver.

However, one of the UNN survivors, Nazzy B, a 200-level student of banking and finance, disclosed that four UNEC students who were on the bus at the spot of the incident are all alive, but they sustained severe injuries.

At 6:11 p.m. yesterday, according to a report, Nazzy B said that they are no longer in the hospital, where they received some treatments, but that they are on their way home.


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