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Love Right -UdySylva



Love Right -UdySylva
Love Right -UdySylva
Love takes on a different stance,
When I last evaluated it, Ekpeyong,
It was love for you to care for me,
To ask about my well-being.
To want to make me comfortable,
But now, it feels like a mere duty.
Love is when you share your challenges with me,
Not just answering some when I ask,
But truly coming to me with them,
Speaking before I even have to ask,
That, my dear, is love.
What is love if it only makes me use you,
Taking and taking without giving in return?
What about respect? Can you trust my mind with your problems?
Love is about timing,
Respecting my moments,
Talking at a mutually agreed auspicious time.
It is texting, calling, and sending notes, without too much attention to my rhythm.
Love is about truth,
Trusting me with your truths,
Gently pointing out my mistakes and helping me correct them.
Love is telling me when you have simply fallen out of love with me,
Instead of leading me on.
And when you no longer have respect for me, just say it.
Love is in deeds,
In the holding of hands,
In the way we speak and communicate,
In the effort, we put into our relationship.
Love is in the genuine desire to see me grow and succeed,
Supporting me both behind the scenes and in front of them.
Thinking of ways to promote me,
Cheering me on as I navigate life’s challenges,
Applauding me, even as the crowd cheers.
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