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Class of Secrets Season 2 A Nigerian Teenage Crime Series Set to Premiere on YouTube



Class of Secrets

BN MEDIA FILMS is not playing this year. The film production company has introduced a new sizzling season of its high school crime drama show which is set to premiere on 24th February 2024.

Class of Secrets

Class of Secrets

Class of Secrets Season 2 has been the talk of town and also making headlines on social media. With 10 new episodes streaming every Saturday from 24th February 2024 onwards, the new season promises exciting drama especially with the introduction of new casts such as Janefrancess Chloe from Best Friends In The World, Dhovee From Boy Meets Girl and Jessica Ndigwe from Mostly Straight.

Class of Secrets

Fans can’t wait for the series to start as many are already excited about the new series.

Class of Secrets

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